Those Days by Bassara

"Those Kids"

  • The boys look alike - they may be brothers or twins
  • The girl is wearing a ring on a necklace
  • The girl may be Raine due to her clothing style.
    • One of the boys may be Gryff because they are long-time friends
    • One boy might also be Cake as he is more than a "casual acquaintance" of Raine

Inferno's Friend?Edit

Killing time by bassara-d4qjpy3.png

A young Inferno and the panthryan child together.

Let s dance by bassara-d53jkm6.png

The panthryan, now a bit older than his last appearance.

"By nature, Panthryans are cowards -- No. -- Not nature. Nurture. If the Canids' creed is 'one shot, one kill' I guess ours would be something like 'never fight a battle you can't win' or perhaps 'friends are important -- it gives the enemy somebody else to kill.'
".....I wonder when that changed for me."
—An exchange between this dude and someone else implied to be Inferno.

  • A Panthryan who's been seen spending time with a younger Inferno.
  • He may or may not be dead by the time of the main story. This may or may not have to do with Inferno's exile from the Kitsune Clan.