Official InformationEdit

Shinnosuke 進之助

Nickname | Shin
Gender | Male
Birthyear | Wayward 7

Shin is an outlaw hailing from the fallen Fuwa Sector.

Composed and thoughtful, Shin is a reliable ally who can keep a cool head through any situation. He is reserved about his own affairs, and hides a wariness of strangers behind a pleasant front. He has a great contempt for the Talos Clan.

Shin possesses the air magic of his Fuwa bloodline. He is unable to create winds that do not cut. He also wields a wide-bladed Pudao. Shin is also a deft infiltrator and spy, possessing a wide array of odd and practical skills, extensive knowledge of the world's politics, as well as a large network of acquaintances.


Kitsuno - Shin once stumbled across an unconscious Kitsuno and brought him home, at first intending only to take advantage of the prince's wealth. Shin now considers Kitsuno his closest friend and a part of his family.

Houjo, Renjo, Kasuke, Hayate - Shin's younger brothers by 7 years. They are identical quadrupulets.


  • In the older version of the site, it was stated that Shin learned skills such as lock-picking from his mother.
  • Shin wears a necklace with 4 hanging ornaments
  • Shin wears a crescent moon earring on his left ear
  • Shin has high cold tolerance
  • Some of Shin's contacts were inherited from his father.
  • Shin likes children and children like Shin
  • Shin is good at cooking


  • Shin is the son of Tatsumaki - picture
  • Shin and Naebi are the ancestors of Aurora.
  • Shin is kissed by Akatonbi once - picture
    • Shin has a romantic relationship with Akatonbi.
    • Or Akatonbi might be Tatsumaki, so Shin would be Akatonbi's son
  • Shin is the ancestor of Marten