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What's ParaShi?Edit

Parashi is short for Paradox Shigen and Paradigm Shift, an in-progress story with the goal of becoming a manga series. Parashi is a joint effort by 2 creators, known as Nuriko-kun and Bassara.

The plot of this story is mostly kept a secret. The creators leave hints of the plot in their artwork and videos. Basic information and character profiles are found on their website.

About ParaShiEdit

  • Paradox Shigen is part 1 of the story while Paradigm Shift is part 2.
  • Nuri is responsible for Shigen while Bassara is responsible for Shift, though both creators have influence over both sides of the story. The two parts are separate but heavily-connected stories.
  • The main character of Shigen is Ryuu while the main character of Shift is Shadow.
  • The main themes of Parashi are travel, friendship, and war

Links and AffliatesEdit

Parashi's Official Website: http://www.parashi.infoEdit

Source of most official info, pictures, and videos, under the control of the creators themselves.


The creators' online art galleries.


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