Basic InformationEdit

Manari is a character that appeared in Nuri's brief manga pages on an older version of the website. No official character information for him has been provided.

Name: Manari / 真成
Gender: Male
Birthyear: Wayward 9

  • Manari is a childhood friend of Ryuu, Haru, Naebi, and Kaizu
  • He is a thief and is seen stealing bread in the manga pages
  • He is more emotional and playful than Ryuu
  • He builds flying machines, so far none of them successful


  • Manari's name might actually foreshadow his role and subsequent death in the beginning of the story. His name roughly translates to "turning into/becoming reality"; he symbolizes the happy childhood that the Argenfluo crew had and was the person who brought them together. But, his death marks the end of that childhood, when they have to start growing up without depending on him as their leader, and they are forced to face the harsh "reality" of things they were miserable with before Manari. This would add on to the sort of "coming of age" theme the general plot has.
  • An adolescent Manari has never appeared in canon artwork. He may have died during his childhood years.
  • In a forum post, Nuri confirmed a spoiler at the end of Shigen will involved Manari.
  • In the video Your Guardian Angel, Manari is alive as an adolescent and shown to have a romantic interest in Naebi. Nuri has stated that this video "may or may not be canon".
  • Manari appears older in this sketch. Canon status is unconfirmed.
  • His goggle and purple bandana are probably the same as Ryuu's bandana and Haru's goggle.
  • He resembles Blitz (most notably his goggles and love of flying), who may be his descendent, relative, or reincarnation.
    • If the Manari and Naebi relationship is canon, Blitz and Aurora may have a parallel relationship.
  • His hair and eye color are similar to Cross.
    • Cross might be Manari's older self, time-traveling.
    • Cross might be Manari's blood relative.
    • If not related, then somehow connected as shown in the Over the Rain video. They met when Manari was younger.
  • His hair, eye color, and personality are very similar to Hare (from Shift)
    • Hare might be Manari sent forward in time (Cross went to the past in order to bring Manari to the future to fulfill some duty.)