Official InformationEdit

Kitsuno 狐野

Gender | Male
Birthyear | Wayward 11

Kitsuno is a prince of Hiwa Sector and grew up in the Cyno Palace.

Proud and ambitious, Kitsuno hates being outdone or belittled. He is tenacious and holds high standards for both himself and others. Kitsuno has a surly disposition and frequently starts quarrels. He is prone to inadvertedly setting things on fire.

A quick learner by instinct, Kitsuno is adept in both physical and magical combat. He has the ability to create and manipulate fire. His weapon of choice is the chain and dagger.


Cain - Kitsuno's older half-brother by 5 years.

Rouka - Kitsuno's older sister by 4 years.

Ayalla - Kitsuno's younger half-sister by 1 year.

Shin - Kitsuno considers Shin his closest friend and a person he admires. The two are a powerful tag team.

Naebi - Kitsuno and Naebi have frequent squabbles about how to do things. Kitsuno regards Naebi as his closest female friend.


  • Kitsuno has sharp canines, a trait of Hiwajin
  • Kitsuno ran away from home before he met Shinnosuke
  • Kitsuno was once shorter than Naebi (but called her "Ebi" regardless) until he hit a growth spurt as he aged, much to the girl's dismay.
  • He was once on good terms with Cain (though the relationship might have been one-sided as Cain spent most of his time with his brother picking on him), most likely before he ran away.
  • Kitsuno likes giant animals
  • Kitsuno hates cold weather
  • He ran away at the age of nine, the same year that the Siege of Argenfluo had occured.
  • During his life in Cyno, he was the favorite out of all of the Cerberus King's children and grew up to be a spoiled child as a result.
  • Kitsuno calls Naebi "Ebi"
  • Kitsuno is similar to Tasuki of Fushigi Yuugi, both in personality and looks (though Cain fits the latter better), even down to the blue-haired best friend, who is also somewhat similar to Kouji in appearance.
  • In some older art, Kitsuno and Cain were cousins rather than siblings (and Cain was a year younger than he is now). Also in older art, it was Kitsuno who saved Naebi and Kaizu from their frozen demise, though whether this is still true now or not is unknown.


  • Kitsuno was pressured into running away from home by Cain