Official InformationEdit

Fuuya 風夜

Nickname | Fuu
Gender | Female
Birthyear | ???

Fuu is a girl of uncertain origins. She suffers from mental disabilities.

Tactless and unruly, Fuu generally acts like a fussy, self-absorbed child. She has an obsessive love of bananas and harbors a great hatred for centipedes. She is able to morph into a strange black bird.

Fuu wields katanas recklessly with fast and unpredictable movements. She is awful at following plans and hopeless with any sort of explosive. In emergencies, she fires her "bananacannon".


Ryuu - Fuu has stalked Ryuu ever since they first met. She expects Ryuu to feed her, look after her, and solve all her problems.

Naebi - Fuu enjoys provoking reactions from Naebi by rubbing her own oily head on Naebi's clean hair. Fuu calls her "Naebean".

Cain - Fuu despises Cain and is the frequent victim of his bullying.


  • Fuu worships Cross as the banana-god
  • Fuu's bananacannon always knocks out Ryuu
  • Fuu owns 2 swords, one black and one white/silver
  • Fuu was raised by Raitou
  • Fuu is left-handed
  • Fuu possesses 'Dark-Wind' skills, though it is unclear what these skills entail.
  • According to the "You'll be in my Heart" video, Fuu got her green bandana and shirt from Rai
  • Since Cain always drops centipedes on her from above, Fuu calls him the "centipede man".


  • Fuu is a clone of Shadow, or Shadow is a clone of Fuu, but neither is the original one.
  • Fuu comes from the future, where cloning technology is available. She has been seen with Raitou.
  • Fuu is a failed clone.
  • Fuu might have actually confused Ryuu for Ten when she first met him; the two share many characteristics with each other and it is known that Ten has met Fuu before, where the event was "life-changing" for him. After all, when she first caught sight of Ryuu, she first saw him as a silhouette from far away and probably thought it was him.