Official InformationEdit

(This is from an older version of the website. Info may no longer be accurate.)

Real name: Blitzen

Codename: Blitz

Birthyear: Contra Era Year 15

Blitz has retrograde amnesia and remembers nothing save for his own name. He is a member of the mercenary group Trifecta.

Blitz is a happy-go-lucky sort of individual who believes things in life will just "fall into place" if you let them. He tends to have a relaxed attitude towards most things and enjoys living life day to day. Blitz is also a bit of a dreamer and loves the notion of flying. He has a knack for creating machinery (read: junk) and a love for Ahos. Blitz is also a severe hydrophobe and won't be caught dead anywhere near large bodies of water.

Blitz's battle style is quick and deadly. Being the prime example of a Panthryan, Blitzen makes full use of his lightning-fast reflexes for quick hand-to-hand combat and is difficult to keep up with in battle. Blitz has a natural intrinsic understanding of his clan's signature element, often demonstrating creative manipulation of lightning. When faced with a range-disadvantage, Blitz uses a quarterstaff.


  • Aurora - Blitz treats Aurora like a sister, often teasing and annoying her. They first met on a pirate ship and became fast friends.
  • Inferno - Like Aurora, Blitz and Inferno's first meeting was on a pirate ship. Due to Inferno's reserved nature, the two don't talk often, however they'd never hesitate to back each other up in a fight and are actually very good friends.


  • Blitz has a pet Aho
  • Blitz's electricity is blue
    • This may be subject to change as elecricity is normally blue.
  • According to his creator he is the only character who would attempt to shove his whole fist in his mouth, or lick his own nose, and would probably fail at both.
  • Blitzen suffers from a condition called Situs Inversus Totalis, meaning that his heart is on the right side of his body instead of his left. This information waslast confirmed in July 2014.


  • Blitz is the reincarnation of Manari.
  • Blitz's hydrophobia and amnesia are related.