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100,000,000 times magnified. She was still not large enough to fit the entire picture.

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What Aurora would look like if she wasn't so freakishly small.

Codename: Aurora, Bean

Birthyear: Contra Era Year 13

Aurora is a member of the infamous and deadly mercenary trio, Trifecta. She hails from the mysterious Ookami Clan, situated in the Outer Limits.

Aurora is a cheerful, bubbly girl who possesses a natural charm found in very few people. She is never one to think badly of others and is rather open-minded and accepting. Aurora's twin pet peeves are jokes referring to her height (or rather the lack thereof) and messy hair. Aurora has a love for felines and cute aquatic creatures.

A highly powerful mage, Aurora's magical abilities are overwhelming. Aurora provides both mid-range and long-range water-based offensive magic attacks in combination with her teammates' tactics. Aurora has been known to show affinity for more than just the water element.


  • Blitzen - To Aurora, Blitz is like the annoying brother who constantly pushes all your buttons just because he can.
  • Inferno - Inferno is the often silent and calmest teammate of the dynamic trio. Aurora enjoys dragging him off to accompany her on various events and tasks.


  • She and Marten come from the same clan.
  • Much of Aurora's character parallels Naebi's
    • She shares the same nickname with Naebi ("Bean" or "Bean-sama")
    • So of course, they are also made fun of their (lack of) height
    • Aurora has as much of a sweet tooth as Naebi does
    • Both have the ability to manipulate water
    • Both are obsessed with the grooming of their hair and have a natural hatred of the hair-eating Ahos


  • Aurora and Inferno have a romantic relationship.
  • Aurora is the reincarnation of Naebi.
  • Aurora is the descendant of Shin and Naebi.